Do you collect WEEE waste from offices?

Yes. WEEE waste is more common in office and commercial properties. As such, we have specific processes in place that allow us to collect such materials from commercial locations without disturbing your business.We can also collect from schools, hospitals and other government buildings.

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What Is WEEE Waste?

Under the WEEE system, householders have a duty to dispose of their electrical waste properly. If the item of electrical or electronic equipment has a crossed out wheelie bin symbol on it, do not dispose of in your bin but instead take it to the nearest household waste recycling or civic amenity center. How to Recycle, Donate or Sell Your Old Printer...Trusty inkjet just spit out its last page? Or just looking to upgrade? Either way, here's how to keep your old printer out of a landfill...and maybe even have it do some good.Whether your printer is a lightweight budget...

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